• eventpicture

    Parents you can scan or take a photo of your child's flowers and plants and email using this link: Send Email and we will put it up on our Mugwumps picture page.

  • Weeding


    Mugwumps know that the unannounced appearance of weeds in the garden are one of any home gardeners biggest bothers.

    So, put your little ones to work with these "cutting-edge" tips to help you slice up those overgrown invaders.
  • Cherry Tomatoes

    cherry tomatoes

    These delicious little vegetables are super easy to grow in your own garden and are low in greenhouse gas emissions making them a great eco-friendly choice to grow!

    They take just under 2 months to grow from seed to edible plant! The plant itself is incredibly easy to sustain as it only needs to be watered every few days (as long as conditions are not super hot and dry).

    A great starter plant for your kids to get greenthumbs!
  • Composting


    Composting is fun and is so easy, even the little ones can help!

    Compost is a great way to give your plants a boost of the nutrients and vitamins they need. Making your own compost is easy, using your own food waste.

    Raw veggie scraps to coffee grinds, throw it all in a container. (keep away from where you eat as it may smell)

    Give it a good mix every few weeks and in 12 months you should have compost for your garden.