About Author

Steve is a man of many talents. A professor at Conestoga College of Applied Arts and Technology, business owner, public speaker, and most recently, book author and publisher, Steve is considered a serial entrepreneur. He has worked and seen through many business ideas and worked with teams to sustain them using the resources developed. Alongside being a business development and management leader, Steve has found a new love for writing and publishing children’s books. In fact, the first book that Creative Connex published was one written by him. Besides writing and mentoring new authors, you can find him on Sundays, relaxing and watching football with his family.


About Illustrator

She is Cassidy Snow, She is the illustrator for the ‘Mugwumps’ book, plus the author and illustrator for another children’s book ‘Star Catcher’ that is in the process of being developed. She is  passionate about creativity, and love showing that passion in the work that she make in hopes to spread it to others